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We can offer you a full service digital marketing offering or ad hoc marketing services. Browse our main services below, or simply get in contact and let’s discuss how Eloquence can help you create more meaningful conversations with your customers.


So your mom told you that you’re a ‘wordsmith’ when you were 13 and you’re still holding onto that, that’s nice. But is the copy on your website, brochures, or emails actually converting ‘blahs’ into ‘bucks’? We do it all – short copy, long copy, SEO copy, web copy, print copy, syncopy – just kidding, that last one is actually really dangerous and you should see a doctor if you experience any symptoms.

Email Marketing

Isn’t it weird how when people see a cat or dog that they’ve never met before they greet them and tell them how much they’d ‘snuggle-uggle’ their little faces, and yet faced with an actual, live human being they do everything to avoid even making eye contact? Yeah, that’s why email marketing exists, because people don’t like other people. We do this too, and we like people. Especially you.

PR writing

Publishing PR is basically, like, the only safe way you can brag about how cool your business is while making it look like it was totally written by someone else… Then you put it out there in all the places that your competitors will see it, and sit back and soak in that slow burn. We’re completely down with that sort of narcissism, because it actually friggin’ works. Plus that ‘in your face’ feeling to your competitors is just so pleasant.


Let’s start with the answer to the question you were too sheepish to ask because you actually already knew the answer: Yes you need a website, it’s pretty much business 101. What kind of website you need depends on a lot of factors – but we can get into that on Skype (fine I can give you a phone number, but seriously what year is it?!). We do everything – brochure sites, WordPress, eCommerce, crazy integration, and the list goes on ad infinitum ad nauseum.

Linda’s knowledge of the payments industry and her skill as a marketing strategist has been invaluable in helping us grow Billdozer and acquire customers. She has really helped develop our marketing message and produce effective content that explains our product in a way people can understand. Thank-you Linda!

Toby Hewlett


Social media management

Look, I don’t know how else to say this but you need to stop using a 23 year old to do your social media because that article on LinkedIn told you they’re born digitally native. Handing over the login and password to your social channels is like LITERALLY handing over the keys to your brand, you’d better make sure they’re old enough to drink. Also, there’s more to it than reposting viral stuff these days, so let’s leave the adulting to the adults.


I don’t want to offend you, because you’re probably doing amazing things with MS Paint… But if you’ve grown tired of that disjointed, homemade feel of your brand we can completely rock your world. You can quite easily relaunch your business with a snazzy new Corporate Identity for absolutely anything that even remotely links to your brand. Think business cards that are so good, no one uses them as emergency toothpicks. You know you’ve done that, at least once.

Promotional items

Handy for events and sundry; hashtag brochures for days. Also, such awesome promo goodies that even the shyest delegate will approach your stand and risk conversation (despite their crippling social anxiety) just to grab a freebie. And that’s how you get them! Don’t forget you can also make sweet branded threads for your colleagues or slap your logo on something gadgety yet sophisticated enough for corporate gifting.


You’re super excited, you’ve got an event coming up but OMG so much to do! It’s really simple. Give us a call, we’ve done this before. We can help you prepare in whatever way you might need; presentation templates, stands, table clothes, brochures, pull up banners, whatever it takes. You don’t want your stand to look like the extracted tooth between two huge molars, sitting spare with only the table and chair that came with the stand.